Alienated Nation

The New Quest for Liberty


by Brooks A. Agnew

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There is a new government in America.   The Agency-Government was established 80 years ago and is not elected.   It is not accountable to anyone.   You have no representation in it.   It consumes more than 60% of all taxpayer funds and produces nothing.

It openly taxes US citizens without representation and must be removed from power.
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40 States have passed some form of Sovereignty Act.   This is more than enough to conduct a Constitutional Convention and ratify Amendments to return the Republic to Congressional control. If you read this book and discover your power as an American citizen, you can save the world's oldest Constitution and quite possibly the human race as well.
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Our duly elected Congressional representatives are blocked from performing their Constitutional duties by Agency regulations that have the force of law.

This book is a call to action to hold a State-powered Constitutional Convention to recover that control. It is our only hope.
THE COUP D' ETAT by the Agency Government is now complete! Once again, the States' forces will meet Federal forces. They that are with us are more than they who are against us. We the People do ordain the recovery of our Republic from this moment forth.

Call your governor or State senators and demand the Convention!
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The War Between the States began when Union soldiers were ordered to leave Fort Sumter in April of 1861. What will the current Commander in Chief do when the Agency-Government is constitutionally nullified by 40 States?
Do not be fooled into believing that changing presidents will save the Republic. The Agency-Government is our government now. The courageous States who have declared their Sovereignty must act upon that declaration and convene to amend the Constitution to remove the Secretaries from the control of our Republic and to recall their militias home from foreign lands to protect their own citizens from Federal tyranny.


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